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Post Solution Support

Post Solution Support

Once your requirements are delivered, we'll be at the end of the phone for any post delivery support which you may need, so you don't feel like you've been left out in the cold!

While we’re building solutions, we’ll try to break them by accommodating unusual data / anomalies so “error” checks can be implemented to capture these and deal with them accordingly! This will avoid the process grinding to a halt, because of one out of million rows being in the wrong format!

As far as we can, we'll future-proof any solutions so there are no surprises when you start using them yourself. Something unforeseen may crop up, impeding you using the solution. We'll work with you to overcome any teething issues, ensuring your solution is robust and fit for purpose, to get you up and running asap!

We’ll make recommendation on looking after the solution which was delivered. E.g. Ensure you can run it on several machines. If any data was anonymized due to data sensitivity issues, check results make sense once de-anonymised at your end. E.g. You may not be able to share names from your business so you use letters instead. Mr Jones becomes Fee Earner.

We’ll make you aware of common challenges. E.g. Was the master file empty before the data was imported? Was the stand-alone machine switched on constantly, to ensure data could be extracted from source x overnight, in readiness to use it in the morning?

As your business expands, if you need us to come back and train other staff / teams to utilise your solution, we can arrange this.

We’ll encourage you to stay in touch so we can let you know whether there are some emerging technologies, which may be relevant to implement in your business.

For potential new requirements, we’d be delighted to help! We’ll also put you in contact with relevant, credible people, if the solution isn’t something we can deliver, but we know someone who can. We’ll also recommend resources if necessary to help you recruit the right people in to your business.

If your data changes, we’ll work with you to accommodate these changes best we can with the existing solution. If this isn’t possible, we’ll plan another solution. We’ll be able to hit the ground running because of the data study we carried out at the outset, instead starting with a blank page.

We’ll accommodate different requests where we can. E.g. You may want us to come to your offices and train someone in the business to deliver our bespoke Excel / Access training. We’ll arrange this so you have an in-house expert who is available immediately instead of waiting for for us to have the time to schedule training.

Any suggestions on how to improve our post solution support will be greatly received, as we can’t add value without knowing you’d prefer something to be done differently!

Post Solution Support

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