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Data Cleansing, Validation & Integrity Check

Data Cleansing, Validation & Integrity Checks

Data Cleansing, Validation & Integrity Checks
What Does This Mean?

Data is at the core of all businesses, from the name of your business to showcasing its performance to potential clients. We’ve all heard reports on the news where numbers were later found to be incorrect. This makes us lose trust in the business, ensures we take our custom elsewhere, and encourage our friends and family to do the same!

Social media can make or break a business overnight, or even quicker, if time hasn’t been invested in ensuring data is correct. One day you’re one of the top links on the first page of Google and everyone’s Tweeting about how great your business is, liking your site / sharing your links, and investing their precious time leaving you that all important feedback. Positive comments have “gone viral” and you’re inundated with new clients. Next thing you know, you’re not even on the first page of Google… a place where no one ever clicks!!!

So, potential clients will decide whether to choose you, depending on numbers they see, amongst other things. If these numbers are later found to be incorrect, this will impact the credibility of your business because numbers are being "mis-reported". A client that could have brought you repeat business, and opened the door to so many other new clients, becomes someone else’s client.The importance of data being correct therefore underpins how your business is perceived, as well as driving your own decisions.

From our first-hand experience, the huge blue-chip companies have teams of people creating reporting for their business. A large proportion of the team’s time is spent “validating” whether the data is correct. Reporting will be delayed until any anomalies are checked and corrected. Such is the importance of data being correct, so findings gleaned from sophisticated dashboards can then be “trusted”.

The other aspect of data validation is related to your clients’ data. E.g. When we delivered the Accountants' solution, we regularly liaised with the client to ensure the numbers we reported were correct. We weren’t familiar with the data, so there was no other way of checking what we were developing was correct.

We'll set up a meeting to understand your data and create automated processes, where possible, to cleanse it, in readiness to be used for business-critical reporting and dashboards. You may be able to leverage these processes to simplify other tasks.So you can rest assured, we’re deliver something to enhance your business.

You’ll be given best practice advice with regards to your data, as it constantly needs to be reviewed and monitored. Just because it’s right today, doesn’t ensure it will be going forward, so it’s of paramount importance to check it regularly.

Data constantly changes too as the business evolves. E.g. New systems are brought into the business and data needs to be migrated between platforms / systems. We may be able to help transition your data, with minimal impact to your business.

The process of checking data, correcting it to ensure any anomalies are removed so your business can trust the data is called “cleansing”.

Ensuring the data “looks right” is called “validation”. E.g. All your data may be correct, but you may issue a price list in $ instead of £!

Cleansing and validating gives the data “Integrity” so anyone using the numbers can have full confidence in them.

Investing time in cleansing, validating and creating data integrity, will help your business grow from strength to strength!

Data Cleansing, Validation & Integrity Checks

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