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Consultation & Recommendations

Consultation & Recommendations

We’ll consider the bigger picture right from the outset, making recommendations on potential issues if the solution isn’t futureproofed. Working with you, we'll not only deliver what you ask for, but also suggest other useful ideas to help enhance your business.

Ideas on tweaking your processes to minimise manual intervention, risk of error and optimise resource will be shared with you.

Understanding potential issues and changes which you’re planning with in your business, will help us develop the right solution for you. E.g. If and upgrade from Excel 2013 to Excel 2016 is about to be rolled out and your clients use Excel 2013. We’ll suggest ways of creating any reports you need to share with them, in a way they can easily access them, with minimal impact from the upgrade.

Insight into how your competitors are approaching and overcoming similar issues will be given to you. This should save you an abundance of time and cost, as you can achieve the ideal solution quicker!

We’ll try and identify ways to apply the same solution to other department’s / people in your business, instead of reinventing the wheel each time!

The approach we take is to focus on the business as a whole, not just the segment you’re working in. Often in industry the person sitting next to you is trying to overcome the same issue as you. They may work in another segment of the business or be an external resource hot-desking. As you never get the opportunity to discuss what you’re working on, prime opportunities to find ways of helping each other are missed!

Other industry best practice we’ll consult and recommend on, are listed below:

  • Understand Data Security & Data Sharing
  • Anonymising & De-Anonymising Data
  • Keeping Data Sources & Methodology Under Wraps!
  • The Power Of Value Copying
  • Approach To Disseminating Regular Performance Reporting
  • Common Technologies For Report Creation & Dissemination
  • Transitioning From Serving To Serf-Serve, Using BI (Business Intelligence) Tools
  • Constantly Reviewing Reporting & Decommissioning Anything Outdated
  • Identifying Ad Hoc & BAU (Business As Usual) Reporting Requirements
  • Train A SME (Subject Matter Expert) In Your Business To Be The Go-To Person
  • Developing Intra & Inter Department Solutions
  • Efficient Data Management Techniques
  • Future Proofing Solutions To Prepare For The Evolution Of Your Business!
  • Seamless Delivery Of Interim Solutions
  • Contingency Plans
  • Single Or Phased Delivery Of Solution
  • Accessing Free Demo-Software. E.g. Analytics
  • Most Expensive Technology Doesn’t Equal More Clients!

We look forward to hearing from you, and arranging your initial free consultation!

Consultation & Recommendations

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