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Business Performance Reporting

Business Performance Reporting

Every business needs to understand its own performance, constantly monitor it and trigger a call to action so any issues can be resolved. Sophisticated dashboards can be created so you can quickly identify any pain points and address them, before they have an adverse impact to your business.

There are an abundance of tools out there to help you understand your business’ performance, quickly and easily, on any media device. We’ll introduce you to some of the most common ways of showcasing your performance, and build a reporting suite for you. This will enable you to deep dive crucial areas of your business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

If you’re a new business, you won’t have a great deal of legacy (historic) data on which to report, so it will probably be a relatively straightforward, manual process, to monitor your performance.

As your business grows from strength to strength, you have less time to do this, and it will become a more complex process to understand your performance. There will be less time and more areas of the business to understand. You’ll need the information quicker too, as your business evolves, so informed business critical decisions can be made.

Someone in your business will become the person who is responsible for bringing your attention to any areas issues you need to be aware of, as you’ll be too busy bringing in new business.

Most organisations have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) with RAG (Red Amber Green) status or something similar. These help you to quickly and proactively identify issues before they impact your business instead of being reactive. A business owner really needs to foresee anything that may be likely to impact their business before it’s too late. This is why business performance reporting is crucial to your business.

We’ll utilise our experience to show you scenarios which cause issues for businesses. E.g. How to define wat they want to report on? How to set an acceptable target. How to automatically highlight areas of concern, so you know where to focus your resources. E.g. If you’re a restaurant you may need a solution to monitor your inventory, to avoid running out of anything at your busiest times.

We’ll show you interim solutions so you have a contingency manual process in case the sophisticated solution crashes! You can then maintain professionalism and credibility when you attend meetings, as you’ll have the most recent numbers!

Simple dashboards will also be able to communicate your business success visually, as graphs will tell the story and contribute to you winning new business.

We’ll show you how to maintain those dashboards / common challenges / forward plan what may be useful in the next few months / prioritise etc. We’ll streamline reporting where possible so once we’ve delivered it for scenario A (employees / Wage cost etc), you can quickly adapt it to report on another area of interest E.g. Staff mix / sick days take / time to market etc.

You’ll be given tips on best practice E.g. Design daily reports and use them to create weekly / monthly / annual reporting with minimum effort.

We’ll show you ways of adding the commentary (story) to your reports and sways of analyzing your data. E.g. Look out for seasonality / Bank Holidays / day of week / Bank Holidays in other countries etc if you’re a global business.

You’ll be shown ways to set up a reporting schedule and creating Distribution lists to ensure reports are with the right people at the right time.

The idea of linking into the source data once, with be shown, instead of every time you run the report if possible, which will speed things up next time.

An awareness of what you’re reporting will be discussed. E.g. Comparing like for like reporting E.g. Last week had 2 Bank Holidays so we look like we’ve underperformed but we were open for less days. We’ll show you how to caveat your reporting to account for these scenarios.

Investing time and money in Business Performance Reporting will only ever have a positive impact on your business!

Business Performance Reporting

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