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Building Client Relationship

Building Client Relationship

We'll meet with you regularly to ensure any project undertaken has been understood and is on schedule to be delivered on time. As is often the case, once a preview of what is being developed is demonstrated, a client may come up with other "nice to haves" which couldn't have been considered without seeing a work-in-progress!

These meetings will give you an opportunity to make changes to your requirements before it's too late and you're thinking "it'd be ideal if the tool could...." We'll accommodate best we can to include changes or suggest a second phase if necessary. An interim solution will be suggested where possible, until a second phase can be considered. We’ll suggest further projects too, if we notice another area may benefit from a similar solution.

Your solution will be tweaked as we’re developing it, to give you a refined solution. This will save valuable time, instead of having to revisit the solution, and work out how to tweak it, once it’s complete.

Common challenges in industry will be shared with you, to help your business succeed without experiencing the same issues. We’ll make you aware of tools being used in industry, potentially by your competitors, too. E.g. BI Toolkit, QlikView, Tableau, SalesForce, SharePoint etc Recommendations on learning material / approach, to get up and running with technologies will be shared too.

Where possible, we’ll be proactive in making suggestions, to enhance instruction from you, and deliver the most robust solution.

Effective tools for meetings will be used. It may be that, after the initial face to face free consultation, virtual meetings are deemed sufficient, to utilise everyone’s time more effectively.

Solutions will be comprehensively documented so, where possible, “anyone” in the business can run the job, even if they’re in a different team!

We’ll come to your premises and train your employees on how to use the solution. You’ll then have a pool of resource to run tasks, in case of sickness / holiday etc. This will help you avoid the common “single point of failure” issue, where only one person knows how to run a task!

In the final stages of solution delivery, we’ll ensure that everything works as it should, before handing over and leaving you to run the process. You’ll also be given backups so you can confidently practice, safe in the knowledge that you can start again, if something doesn’t go to plan.

We’ll stay in touch so you can call on us when you feel an update to the solution is required. E.g. In 6 month’s time, you may migrate to Excel and Access 2016. We can assist with a seamless transition, to minimise the impact to your business.

In a nutshell, we’ll endeavor to have a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with you!

Building Client Relationship

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