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Bespoke Excel Training

Bespoke Excel Training

Everyone learns differently so Excel courses shouldn’t be prescriptive, they need to be flexible and relevant to your business

There may be something specific which you’d like your employees to understand. Training which includes examples using the data from your business will resonate with them, help consolidate knowledge, improve confidence and give them something they can use when they return to their desk.

We'll create and deliver Excel training using your businesses' data so it's relevant to you, instead of delivering generic training which is too easily forgotten. Employees can then quickly understand the concepts being taught as they relate to data which they are familiar with. They can leave sessions with examples which they can leverage in their roles, with little more effort than copy-pasting, helping them to "Work Smarter, Not Harder"!!

Working with you, we’ll create real life examples of “pain points” and how to overcome them, which can help all of your employees, sometimes concurrently! E.g. If 10 employees do the same 30 minute task at the start of the day and they are taught how to do it in 30 seconds, 4 hrs and 55 mins have been saved!!!

Together, we’ll prioritise your Excel training needs, and deliver them according. If an opportunity arises to automate or simplify a task, instead of training employees how to manually complete it, we’ll let you know.

We’ll leave you with invaluable tips on Excel, depending on what your business requires. We can even come and train someone in your business to deliver training sessions for you! This can include everything from basic Excel to sophisticated macros, so your business has in-house skills to drive cost and time savings at the click of a button!

If you’re a new business planning to utilise Excel for the first time, we’ll introduce you to some of the most useful features, helping your teams quickly grasp the concepts, and hit the ground running!

Tips on how to work with the different versions of Excel will be shared, so your team have a preview of what to expect when you upgrade!

Best practice techniques will be shared so delegates are not only introduced to the concept of solving something that is an issue now, but thinking about how the data may change next time they run the process. They can then build a robust tool to accommodate those changes. E.g. A new column might be required or more / less data may be needed.

The list below covers some of the main features we’d like to demonstrate to you, so your team starts as they mean to go on and gets the most out of training and working with Excel. Our aim is to give delegates confidence to face tasks which they didn’t think they’d be able to compete.

  • Version Control
  • Working With Different File Types (.csv, .xlsx, .xlsm, .txt etc.)
  • Importing / Exporting Data
  • Advantages & Limitations Of Password Protect
  • Overcoming Corrupt File Issues
  • Restoring A Previous Version
  • Re-Instating A Lost Version!
  • Space Saving Techniques To Minimise Server Storage Cost & Speed Processes Up!
  • Naming Conventions
  • Efficient Methods To Update Data Instantly!
  • Quick Ways To Identify Numbers You Need To Know
  • Formulae From Basic To Complex
  • Linking To Another File / Data Source
  • The Power Of Pivot Tables & Slicers
  • Why You Should Value Copy Anything Being Shared
Bespoke Excel Training

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