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About Us

How often do you find yourself doing something in Access / Excel, thinking "there must be an easier way of doing this...." but never having the time to find out what that easier way is? Before you know it, you're carrying out the exact same task again, thinking the exact same thing!!! It's time to break the cycle and unleash the true potential of Access and Excel, with AccessExcelSolutions!!!

We have 20 years’ experience within the and private and public sectors, ranging from small teams in new businesses to large teams in established businesses (Amazon, Citibank, Barclays Wealth, Lloyds Banking Group, VISA and HMRC, amongst others...)

During our tenure in these varying businesses, we’ve gained invaluable insights, which we’d like to share with you to help you enhance your business.

Our proudest achievement to date is automating an Accountants' manual month end process in Excel, reducing it from 30 HOURS to 2 MINS!!! This saved the business 12 weeks a year, to re-invest elsewhere. We have a restless curiosity for process improvement, using VBA, Advanced Excel and Access.

We’ll work with you to drive efficiency through automation wherever we can. Instead of diving straight in, we’ll look at the “bigger picture” so no opportunities are missed. E.g. Segments of your business may be structured in the same way, so we’ll create a solution which drives efficiency across all segments concurrently! This will involve extra effort at the outset, but is more cost / time efficient in the long run.

A common theme we’ve noticed is terminology can often be misunderstood depending on what your area of expertise is. The person describing the solution they require, may use very different language to the solution developer. Without communicating regularly, the developer could end up delivering something completely different to what was required! We’ll overcome this by meeting with you regularly, ensuring the only surprise you get is the solution far exceeds your expectations!

Requirements frequently change once a solution has been previewed, as it’s impossible to know what else you may want included, until you actually see the solution in action! At every stage of solution development, we’ll keep in contact with you and demo what we’re working on. This will give you confidence, that our understanding of your requirements, are the same as yours!!! It will also give you an opportunity to make changes while they can be included instead of missing an opportunity.

Our approach is to futureproof solutions so we’re not just delivering something which is relevant for your business right now. We’ll look at all the varying changes which may need to be accommodated as your business evolves. When something changes, you should be able to adapt your solution to include these changes seamlessly, without having to close your business, while you consider what needs to be done.

Once we’ve delivered your solution, we’ll support you through implementing it in your business and ironing out any teething problems.

If the solution you require will take some time to deliver, we’ll suggest an interim solution in the meanwhile, to help you drive efficiencies in the short term.

Your solution may be something which requires a specialist in another area. If we have a credible contact, we’ll happily connect you!

As well as delivering robust automated solutions, we can design and create bespoke Access and Excel training, for your business, to empower your teams to create their own solutions. This improves employee engagement, drives employee retention, enables you to create an in-house expert / knowledge base, reduces recruitment costs and improves morale!

About Us

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